At some point pretty much every parent worries about their child not reaching their potential, especially at school.

It’s natural, we all want the best for our kids, for them to do well, feel confident and experience success.  Sometimes it’s also because our children’s success can define us, but that’s for another post.  The best way to put to rest any anxiety or questions you might about your child at school  is through communication and having realistic expectations.

Communicate with your child’s teacher

First of all, maintain constant contact with their teacher.  That is the best way to know how your child is going academically and socially at school.  The best way to get time with your child’s teacher is to book a time with them, instead of just showing up at the door (after school  is often the best time).  Each school will have different procedures around how to go about this.

Be realistic

Firstly remember what kind of student you were.  If you were a solid C at school don’t be expecting your child is going to be getting straight A’s.  Sure it can happen but don’t set your expectations so high that it’s unrealistic.  Remember a ‘C’grade or the equivalent at your child’s school means they are at year level and they are exactly where they should be for their age.  B’s are “above” average, and A’s are “well above” average.  I don’t think people realise how well a child has to be doing to actually get an ‘A’ these days.  Depending on the demographic of your school area there might only be one or two students per class who are getting A’s.


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