So my usual Monday morning mayhem was going on perfectly well. Vessels were clinging, tiny people were running around, voices were overlapping, and I was ignoring a very strong burning smell! Finally, the kids were off to school and I slumped into my sofa. An hour into my daily chores and I got the principal’s call saying my son was feeling unwell. I went to school hoping it was one of his ‘pretend sick’ tricks, but to my dismay, he had caught something that put me on an overdrive of countless hours of googling and home remedies. After a few days, he was finally himself, causing the usual chaos in the house and at school. I was glad! But after a week or so he was sick again. Was I being negligent? What has caused his immunity to become so weak?

Nothing pains a parent more than seeing their child fall easy prey to infectious diseases. So I gathered a few of my friends from different backgrounds. A doctor, a teacher, a working mom and me, the homemaker got together on a Sunday afternoon and discussed methods to ensure our children got a healthy childhood which directly depends on their own internal immunity system.

“Kids need to be kids, Tina, they are bound to fall sick. Let them get dirty, play in the sand and mud, do not become over cautious. It’s a good reason to be slightly scared, I agree, but infections help in building their immunity.” Dr.Geeta a paediatrician herself told us about how an infection springs the immune system into action. The symptoms that we often get –fever, headache, rash – result from all the activities the immune system initiates to fight back the pathogen.”

“But of course we need to be prepared.” She continued.

“Maybe too prepared! Kids these days are bought up in such a tech savvy environment. We read so much on our wireless handsets but apparently, they are the root cause of many infections.It could be the most contaminated thing in your house and you wouldn’t even know! Besides they emit electromagnetic waves in the microwave range, which cause heating and is said to affect brain cells.


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