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When you give your kids the best of everything

When it comes to our kids, it makes sense that we want the best for them.

The whole point of why we slave away at our jobs everyday is to provide our kids with everything they need.

But when we choose to buy them that pair of Adidas sneakers instead of the cheaper ones at the neighbourhood shops, your kid might not process this choice the same way:

You’re thinking: Oh wow, these Adidas sneakers not bad ah.

The rubber soles thick enough, sponge-y enough, and got option for flat-foot also.

Buy this better so baby’s developing feet won’t get injured when he’s learning to walk and run.

Your little one’s thinking: Daddy bought me this pair of shoes instead of the ones I saw at the wet market.

This pair came from a nice shop. This pair is more expensive.

So everything that comes from a nice shop and is expensive must be better.

Also, Daddy, I’m not a baby. I’m six years old. I’ve been walking for four years now.

When you find ways and means to motivate them to study hard

All Singaporean parents want their kids to do well.

So we turn into tiger moms and drill them to study.

And when that doesn’t work, we use incentives like cash or rewards to motivate them to score well.

Nothing wrong with that right? In the real world, you get rewarded for results!

…Except you wouldn’t want your kid to grow up too reliant on external motivation.

Because in the workplace, hard work doesn’t always lead to results, and you don’t always get paid what you think you deserve.

If your child’s reasons for working hard is always tied to some form of reward, they may fail to see the bigger picture.

That self-motivation is what will help you succeed in life, with or without monetary reward.

Good parenting means making sure your child doesn’t equate success with drowning in material goods.


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