• F-17 Futsal Challenge
    SmartKids Asia and F-17 Academy is bringing to you our first ever 1V1 Futsal Challenge!On 1-3 July, we are welcoming children within the age of 4 – 12 years old to three days of football frenzy at SmartKids Asia, Suntec Singapore Hall 405 & 406. Your child will stand a chance to win exclusive prizes worth up to $500 which includes a trophy, retail vouchers and football scholarship from Fandi Ahmad’s Football Academy! Come on down to qualify for the finals on 1 & 2 July 2016!
  • Date & Time:
    1st July, Friday : Under 12 Qualifiers
    2nd July, Saturday : U6,U8 & U10 Qualifiers
    3rd July, Sunday : U6,U8,U10 & U12 FINALS

    Top Prize in each category:
    U6 – Trophy + Football Scholarship + Certificate + Retail Vouchers
    U8 – Trophy + Football Scholarship + Certificate + Retail Vouchers
    U10 – Trophy + Football Scholarship + Certificate + Retail Vouchers
    U12 – Trophy + Football Scholarship + Certificate + Retail Vouchers
    Tournament Format:
    Qualifiers (Round Robin) > Finals (Knockout)

    Game Rules:
    – 1 vs 1
    – 3 minutes per match, no half-time
    – Start with back facing each other with ball between backs
    – No sliding tackle, no rough play
    – Should any of the above* result in a penalty, it will be via “backheel” from penalty spot without goalkeeper

    Point System:
    1 goal = 1 point
    1 “OLE” = 1 point (Ball through opponent’s leg)

    Win: 3 points
    Draw: 1 point
    Lose: 0 point

    – Balls and goalposts provided
    – Referee for all games

    – Maximum 24 pax per age group
    – Minimum 16 pax per age group
    – This is based on only having one pitch to conduct the games

    Terms & Conditions
    1. Players are to be in their own sports gear and football boots.
    2. No accessories such as watches, earrings, bracelet, etc allowed during the trials.
    3. Participants must have the consent of parents/guardians.
    4. Participants that are deemed unfit by the organisers will be disallowed to participate. In case of any mishaps, the organisers will not be held liable for participants who wish to participate despite of personal conditions.
    5. The organisers reserve the rights to change the T&Cs without prior notice.
    6. Only participants who are new to F-17 (not current or past members) are allowed to take part in the trials
    7. Assessment criteria for scholarships will be strictly up to the organisers. Participants will be briefed before trial session.