Calling all crafty mummies! We will officially be hosting the first ever Busy Bag Party at SmartKids Asia on 1 July 2016!
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If you’re the creative sort who loves the idea of Busy Bags, here’s your chance to share your ideas, exchange busy bags, and mingle with like-minded mummies. Plus – receive SmartKids Asia’s coveted goodie bag worth $50 when you register!
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Here’s what you need to do:
1. Register here:
2. Prepare 5 busy bags within the budget of $5 each for 2 – 4 year olds.
3. Join other mummies in the exchange at SmartKids Asia’s very first Activity Area – a 36sqm space of fun and wonderment.
4. Comment or upload a picture below & share the idea of your busy bag with other mummies.
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Terms & Conditions:
1. The exchange will start be held at SmartKids Asia on 1 July 2016 at 5pm – 6pm.
2. Participants are to arrive 30 minutes earlier to assemble their busy bags.
3. Each group of busy bag will be assigned a number. Participants will then draw 5 numbers in which will determined the busy bags allocation.
4. The organisers reserves the rights to reject any busy bag that is deemed to be unsatisfactory for the exchange to be fair to all participants.
5. The organisers reserves the rights to change the mechanics of this programme with prior notice.